an ode to my favourite cat….

 What does it feel like to be a mom…ma …a mother..that’s what I realised when my cat munna(mote)…arrived in this world….He was beautiful..with green amla eyes…soft fur…..the most beautiful pattern of heart(i hv never again happnd to c a cat wid more hearts than he had..)He ruled my life for eight yrs…sharing his thoughts about his various girlfriends,his favourite foods,his special place on the sofa..and why it should be reserved for him even when guests arrive…to why he loved me soo… Pampered-that was the word attached to him with his routine ofearly morning fresh cream n milk….and a good amount of story telling and purring in my lap…Whenever I was late for school..he used to nudge me till I was up…sometimes get tired and even snuggle back into my arms…The number of his children around was amazing too…..but not one happened to resemble him to date…It is said a cat had nine lives and the injuries that he sustained in his eight years on this earth,the narrow escapes he had with death were more than nine……He had his special song too….which was a daily ritual in my house…..and I had never imagined life without him… The day he died was the shock of my life..destiny had ruled out his life for him ..that’s why when he died he was unreecognisable…I never managed to see his body….never gave him his last rites like all my other pets…..and I still regret that deeply…I still miss him loads..coz he was the first person in the world to call me ma…his mew,his stagger…his whiskers..his memory itself is very dear to me…ask any one who has lost a pet and they will recite the same to you…But life does give sudden joys whose memories are cherished forever I guess he was mine…Many people don’t know that im doin my mbbs…Nor do they know a movie like munnabhai mbbs…But my muna was exactly like a bhai..the gangster in the neighbourhood//and in team….he was munna bhai n I was mbbs……


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