Dealing with emotions-my top 5

There are a few times in life when it’s difficult to emote in words,that’s where emotions or feelings come in. So to say what are emotions? To put it plainly they are the chemical outbursts due to hormones which occur evoked/unevoked depending on the time of day/week/month and sometimes may even be triggered by an event.During my lifetime of 28 years these are a few of the infinite ones that exist and definitely have been the ones I’ve encountered most often.

  1. Despair-A helpless/hopeless feeling when u feel like anything you do may be futile.Your core feels empty like something is tearing through,and it’s a feeling similar to falling down an endless well.
  2. Happiness-Pure liquid luck of gold ,when something has happened which you felt was right,you got to witness an event of extreme destiny/fortune ,pure love which has been on ur bucket list,which you dreamed of for a very long time.This time your core gets full of a warm,bubbly feeling,which is tingly and  your face gives a grin engaging all ur facial muscles which will definitely ache from that much smiling!
  3. Sorrow-Usually after experiencing loss of something/someone,what was very dear to your heart and was an important part of your life.The soul/core is filled with an endless storm of tears,and you feel nothing can ever stop them.
  4. Joy-I’ve probably experienced this only once so far of which I remember,the  core just feels light and airy,you see bright and white and you feel like flying,usually felt when your most wished dreams come true.
  5. Family-Even though this ain’t a raw emotion,this is a cozy warm feeling,like sipping on a cup of hot cocoa after a long day,getting a foot massage,slipping into a comfortable warm,soft bed with fluffy blankets,or getting to eat your favourite comfort food..a greasy cheeseburger with hot fries,a frothy milkshake,creamy icecream,steaming Maggi or pasta.This correlates to home..or a feeling of absolute contentment ,you feel at peace! Mostly when you around and with the people you love.


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