How to customise and plan a bridal shower

“Esha ,do you have sometime? I have news to share”,what are the chances that two of my closest friends decide to say this to me within months of each other,from suspicion to worry all the thoughts ran through my mind.I got back to each of them when I had the time,and all had the same excited reply..”I’m getting married!!”

Agreed the first few reactions running through a single girls mind in her late twenties range from jealousy,due to the ‘why not me’syndrome,but always ultimately it’s happiness beyond compare,along with a hint of sadness that your bestie is getting married and going ahead to her happily ever after.

So after contemplating for hours to weeks,I decided to come up with not one but two bachelorette parties for both of them.Even though all the intense planning,worry,hard work did leave me with a sore back ,I was glad I helped co-create a complete fun day for both my girls,this is a guide for those intending to plan one,but just needed a viewpoint on how to go ahead to plan one.

These are just some fillers till then.

1.Find a bride to be

I had two beautiful women,who shared my dreams,sorrows and happy moments,and I couldn’t have been happier on their special days when I smiled ear to ear,and grinned till my cheeks hurt.

2.Attempt to keep it a secret-

Now this is the tricky bit,you have to find a group of contemporaries,both close to the person you are planning it for,and a bit to you because it does get difficult to get along with difficult people all the time.Either in secret or involving a busy bride you have to find a day/weekend/night out/holiday dates that everyone could pitch in.If it’s a surprise keep it one,the look on your besties face is priceless when you do!,a know all bride also keeps it fun.

3.Find a willing group of co planners

Here planning with a small group was easier for me,because then the naughty games,fun talk and the selfies are more likely to happen,unless you have a bride who is friends with everyone,then I don’t know how to deal with that.Also if you do have a discussion with them about the style of party/theme/budget/ any other input helps you to make better friends too.

4.Decide on 

  1. Decorations-This depends on where you plan the party,hotels may not allow too much of a  mess,also a place on rent will have to be cleaned by you,simple usually does the trick with balloons /posters /banners and also something to group you guys into a bride tribe such as badges/ sashes/crowns/ pins/henna tattoos.
  2. Cake-Chocolate usually means a celebration,but anything from home made to custom made does the trick,I got a young entrepreneur to make these customised cupcakes defining my both brides to be in their favourite flavours which both loved very much.
  3. Theme-disney for a girl who loves fairytales,nautical for someone who loves the beach,TV show themed like friends,sporty for someone who loves games and so on,pinterest has plenty and more to help one make a board and follow on several ideas.
  4. Games-Both parties had a different set of games,jenga featured in both,others like What’s in your handbag/phone, Heads-up/Pictionary/Guess the Bride/Match the couple were fun ones we played.Customising depends on the fun you plan to have.
  5. Music-Play the bride’s favourites,you can save a bit of the Sangeet rehearsal in the time being,or play mellow music and just enjoy the moment,but do make a list of music,so that you can avoid rushing the last minute.
  6. Food-All the games ,dancing,laughing does make one hungry,so don’t forget the food.Finger foods work great,but if you have a health conscious bride work around her diet to let her have fun too.Drinks add to the entertainment,but that’s up to you.

5.Put plan in action-Until the day arrived do check in to see progress of planned activities,but the rush is always in the last week.Sending an invite to those invited is also necessary to make it an  official bachelorette.

6.Remember to sprinkle hardwork ,spontaneity and a pinch of naughtiness to add the spice to the party.

7.Countdown till D-Day.. confirm all the items with now maybe getting reluctant coplanners(since you may have turned into Bridezilla part 2)

8.Bring the bride over-Surprise!!

Enjoy till the wee hours of morning 🙂

Do not forget to take plenty of photos to keepsake,you can make a book to preserve memories(a scrapbook for the bride to be for a very beautiful memerobilia.Remember to also just take a pause,and just breathe in the fun,it’s one of those special moments you know you have made someone happy!

So in short, live in the moment,it’s your brides special day off ,her break from the general wedding insanity and let her know that whatever happens you are there for her,and you love her endlessly to the moon and back.

Have fun planning!

Red velvet and chocolate cupcakes!!
Couples favourites here in chocolate!
The one with the props and smiles!

Cause you need the selfie!


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