My eternal love for Shah Rukh Khan

Don’t get me wrong when you read the title,yes I do love Shah Rukh Khan immensely,right about that,but it’s how somehow he has always been an important coincidence in events in my life.

And now why is he important to me..

1.Darr and Baazigar

Two of the earliest movies done by him,both in villainous roles,and I still remember them both being one of the earliest movies I watched,the songs Baazigar O Baazigar and Jaadu Teri Nazar are still on my go to playlist,this was the first time I watched and remembered watching a movie on the small TV screen.Childhood thus began with an SRK movie.

2.Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

This 1995 cult classic,ran in theatres for quite a bit,I myself have watched the movie with ardent adoration so many times since its release that I mimic dialogues and scenes with and idealic memory.This was also the first movie I saw in the theatre ,on the big screen as they and fell in love with Raj and Simran like so many others did.Europe since then has definitely been on my wanderlust list of travel.

3.Kuch Kuch Hota Hai

Karan Johar’s directorial debut and still one of all time favourite movies also starred SRK,friendzoning was it’s theme ,also the ek Baar jeete hain,Ek Baar marte hain,Ek Baar pyaar karna dialogue! And its when I realised what high end fashion in a movie actually meant.In fact watching the cool bags,trendy Tommy Hilfiger shorts,dresses and Anjali’s hairbands from her tomboy look made me want to run to the store and buy all of the stuff for myself,starting my first thrifts as a shopaholic.And guess what I still have the silver backpack hidden somewhere at home.

4.Chak de India

I’ve never been a sporty person and running/participating in races just meant trying to defeat the last person in the race,but this amazing movie made me realise patriotism,the sporty spirit and the drive required to believe that with hardwork,determination and team spirit anything is possible.also the superb matches made me clap the hardest in the theatre and I’m usually a very shy,don’t make any noise in the theatre type of person.Plus the realisation that SRK doesn’t need just a heroine to make a movie,or romantic songs around trees,he gives some stellar performances without either.

5.Kabhi Khushi kabhi Gham

This movie made a teenager me believe in love,in knowing that despite all odds your family will always stand by you,and like Karan Johar says it’s all about loving your family!It also probably started the large number of grand weddings in India,which became a part of normal life.

6.Main Hoon Na

This was Farah Khan’s directorial debut,one of those films which you watch just to feel good,and was one of the first times I discussed movies with my father,who loved watching the movie the first time for the story,and the second time for analysing and appreciating the hardwork the people behind the screen do such as the cinematographer,the choreographer, cameraman etc.

6.Rab ne Bana Di Jodi

Aditya Chopra brought a sweet film years after my favourite ddlj,again dad insisting we all go for this movie,and all of us thoroughly enjoying the show,this was also when SRK playing a simpleton showed me how sometimes just pure honest love can win against all odds ,even it is a small level dance competition.


I had wished and hope that SRK and Kajol would give me just another movie with their amazing chemistry ,and Rohit Shetty made my wish true,I know I’m one of the few but mom ,dad and me loved this outing too,and I thank SRK for seeing a happy mom and dad in the week of one of their last wedding anniversaries together.


Agreed this wasn’t one of the best movies SRK has done,but this was the last movie I got to see with my dad in the week before his death,more than the movie I remember enjoying the caramel popcorn we munched on,the car drive to and fro from home to the theatre,and also that the multiplex was now a hop skip jump away from home.i enjoy reminiscing that thanks to SRK bringing out a movie I got to spend time with my amazing father.

Even though this list isn’t a long one,I’m very thankful to Shah Rukh Khan,and when people ask why I find him so amazing,it’s simple,at every corner lane of growing up,I’ve met him with his movies,I’ve fallen in love with his characters whether Raj or Rahul or Aman,and each movie has taken a spot next to my favourite people and moments.

And like Raj says “Bade Bade Deshon mein aisi choti choti Baatein Hoti Rehti Hai”.


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