How to downsize your daily bag!

Now this comes from my personal diary,since ages I’ve always been the girl who’s had almost everything in my bag for the what if’s ,and the maybe I’ll require this too! Studying as a medical student for a decade in my life didn’t make things easier,and all woe fell upon me when I had to sit back and actually bring a smaller bag due to back problems.

This is hence a small list of things I feel are absolutely necessary for any working girl to have in her bag,smaller the better!

1.Work essentials

Pen and paper

At work or otherwise you do need a pen offhand to sign something,fill up a form,or even jot down something important.The paper could be inform of a small notebook/daily planner or diary,I also recommend an app like Google keep on your phone which helps you task all your things to do in a jiffy.

2.Make up essentials

  • Sunscreen-you don’t realise it’s value until pigmentation and spots show up on your nose,and removing the watch on your hand leaves you with white imprints.Spf 20 onwards works well,and apply it twice a day coming and going from work when you step into sunlight.For those who don’t know the SPF or sun protection factor gets converted into minutes,by a multiplication of ten.A SPF 20 works for 200 minutes,12 for 120 minutes hence the second application is usually a must.
  • Lip balm/lipstick-This depends on where you work, working in a busy hospital,and in the operation theatre doesn’t allow me much time for it,but moisturizing the lips when I can does help me save them from chapping,a lipstick in my favourite colour does brighten my day when I go out after work.Recent favourites include Maybelline lip balm(tinted) and the Nivea lip balms.
  • Kajal-This is small,compact and a great last minute touch up for the days you want to look real pretty,definite must have.Maybelline and L’oreal are both good long lasting brands.
  • Mini perfume/roll on-Your favourite scent anytime of the day definitely keeps you happy,I’ve been using aromatherapy for a while and realised that vanilla, lavender and peppermint keep me rejuvenated on a long tired day.
  • Comb/Brush
  • Face wipes-these multi task as quick cleanup wipes and hand sanitizers when the water runs out.
  • Safety pins
  • Hair clasps/pins

3.Medical essentials

Being a doctor,working in a hospital has its benefits to easy access to a pill,but always and I insist always the random headache,stuffy nose or abdominal pain will always come when,you least expect it.To be safe carry

  • Paracetamol for fever
  • Vicks roll-on for the cold
  • Meftal /Cyclopam for those days of the month and you’re good to go.
  • I also keep a mosquito repellant since duties are those days the mosquitoes bite the most.
  • Your lady essentials for that day for the month-pad/tampon whatever works but keep the spare on the day you aren’t prepared.
  • Band aids-for the random cut/shoebite

4.Your entertainment essentials

  • Mobile phone with earphones
  • Mobile charger or a charged power bank

5.The bag

I’ve changed from a handbag to a backpack,this being more convenient ,reduces the load to both shoulder straps and looks quite cute actually!But the choice is still yours and yours only,you can even take a risk and change your bag everyday which wholly depends on you,and I wish you luck that you don’t forget anything behind.

6.Must not leave the house without

Wallet-cash and cards


Just checking things if this list I’m sure will help you too,and the change from big carry everything to the small just essentials ,definitely has changed my life for the better.


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