Ways to find happiness…

On most days the world seems a bright,sunny ,shiny place and you remain thankful for all the abundance of god’s creations around you.Yet there are those days when nothing feels right,and nothing good can happen,so here I’ve jotted down just a few simple steps to help you find a few drops of happiness on those very sullen rainy days.

1.Do something you love!

For me this definitely includes watching a favourite rom-com,or rereading my favourite books,those liking the outdoors could go for a hike/tinder in the garden,someone who loves to cook could whip up a favourite recipe.Also singing in your most horrible,out of tune voice,belting out the lyrics of my favourite songs,teasing my sister does add some spark to my gloomy day.

This was a new recipe which turned out pretty fine-red velvet cream cheese brownies.
2.Be in the company of those you love

On my low days my family means everything,that warm mug of hot cocoa,chit chat with mom,long chats with my best friends,a walk in the park with my dog,or playing in the lawn with the kittens definitely brightens my day.

Chocolate cravings don’t go away easily,and its one piece then the whole bar!! But it’s even proven scientifically that a bite of some chocolate does help in having happy hormones.

This was me and my friends having just debolished a huge chocolate brownie sundae a few days ago.

4.Go through your stuff/Dress up along the way

I just happen to love organising and reorganising my space,be it the clothes in the wardrobe,makeup or even books on my bookshelf.Keeping things neat and tidy,also wearing your favourite outfits,wearing your favourite shade of lipstick gives an amazing warmth ,and its one of my go to things to do.

P.s.this just happens to be my favourite red lipstick!

5.Do something good

This could be for a complete stranger or for someone you know.Helping someone cross the road,helping your mum out in the kitchen,visiting a sick neighbour  or even something as crazy as planning a celebration for someone,the smile on the other person’s face would definitely brighten your day.

6.Look forward to the future

There were days when even getting out of bed were exhausting,you don’t want to meet anybody,neither do your favourite things matter.But this definitely makes things bright,how you ask?

  • Step 1.Take a piece of paper/diary/notebook or anything you like and jot down a bucketlist.
  • Step.2.make sure the items are things you’ve always wanted to do,have been in your hopes and dreams !
  • Step.3.make short term goals to finish stuff of your list.eg.Mine has always been travel and the minute I started planning my trip to Europe ,it’s like life has never been more amazing! I have stuff to shop,outfits to decide,places to go to,food to try out,and as the days go by the butterflies keep whopping like crazy.It’s a long lost feeling.
  • Step 4.go for the short term goals in the meanwhile I’ve watched tons of movies and read so many books in the last one year just because I hadn’t done them before,and have definitely found new favourites in the process.

All these things may seem too flamboyant or even to silly to follow,but they are definitely tried and tested methods.And with the last year being one of the most difficult ones I’ve faced so far this list of happy things changed the way I looked at things.

Happiness always comes to those who search for it.And it definitely does come although slowly,but it let’s you relish every minute when it does.

So when you feel down and out,don’t know what to do do try a thing or two of this list and it hopefully gives you some sunshine on a rainy day.

Happiness is found even in the darkest of times if one remembers to turn on the light!-Albus Dumbledore.


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