The sweet life!

Most people close to me know ,that one of my favourite pastimes is baking and making cakes is my most favourite activity.Also for those who don’t the love for baking also comes from my mom who is a brilliant self taught chef,and all the food from her pantry has always been stupendously amazing.

The sweet life thus began at infancy as far as I remember,usually children recite poetry at ages one and two,well, I recited the basic sponge cake recipe!memorising quite enthusiastically the creaming of eggs and butter,mixing in the dry cake flour,baking in the oven and then watching pure magic as the cake rose in the warm oven,absolute amazing!

Both of my parents always love the good home cooked food,I’ve enjoyed making jams and pickles during the summers,drying vegetables for chips and during birthdays and Christmas making the endless number of cakes and cookies.My dad had an excellent hand at icing too…We’ve probably enjoyed homemade exotic birthday cakes from a peach guitar at age 7,to the beautiful roses handcrafted by dad on the tops of the cakes.In my treasure trove of memories spending this time in the kitchen,creating amazing dishes,and then finishing them off too beats most other ones,and I often cherish those amazing days in pure glee.

In an alternate life I may have been a pastry chef,(oh,yes!)it’s a tough job I’ve heard but being able to create masterpieces like people do ,does make me jealous and envious on the occasional days.Baking to me is therapeutic of sorts right from measuring the ingredients,mixing them,laying them in the baking tray to waiting expectantly like we do for test results,and watching the cake rise to beautiful glory.Happiness then rises a few notches on sharing the said cake with someone(usually my best friends who critique the best and worst with absolute sincerity) and then getting compliments and maybe leftover crumbs from the demolished cake.

Life in general does turn out to be much like baking a cake ,you work hard,prepare with sincerity,mix the ingredients of family,friends and hopes and dreams with love ,and when you put it in the oven to bake just hope and pray that you get another day to live,another day to breathe,another time to finish things on your little bucketlist and if your cake is baked to perfection grab yourself a hefty slice and enjoy every bite of it.Even if you do attempt baking and realise it hasn’t risen/been overdone there’s no need to worry there’s always a retake you can take, another try you can attempt who knows you may succeed with flying colours.So go bake something,or just grab a piece from your favourite store,make mistakes,learn from them,and try out something adventurous too! 

Like Forrest Gump said life is a box of chocolates /or more like Bertie Botts every flavoured beans(for potterheads like me!) you may never know if you get one in chocolate or earwax you may be in for a surprise anyway!


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