Search the vein,lose the pain!

Today a good friend of mine collected my blood for testing,she’s a good person,and from working as an anesthesist I think my veins are quite prominent too! Alas today was not a good day maybe,after two blasted veins and a third painless attempt I willingly gave up 10 cc of my blood.For someone donating blood frequently ,it may seem like a meager amount but unfortunately I have iron deficiency anaemia,and have hence never been fit myself to donate,see the loss is felt.

As an anesthesiologist I earn daily wages from inserting venous cannulae(in simple terms putting IV lines),the difficult cases get referred to us!! Doctors are the worst kind of patients so my mother says,mostly because we are not able to look after our health.Ask any doctor who has recently passed out,and boy or girl they will tell you they have suffered hairloss,indigestion,peptic ulcers,insomnia and so many more illnesses you would be surprised.

Sometimes it’s just not your day,like mine was today.You probably got out the wrong side of bed(of course blame the poor old bed),your paper didn’t get delivered on time(the newspaper delivery guy),your toast burnt in the oven(be damned ol’toaster),the traffic jam got you late to work(stupid traffic!),your boss probably fired at you (cause well it’s the boss) but I think you get the point.This is the up,sorry the way – low lowly downs of everyday’s mundane routine.But sometimes you just have to swallow the bad,like the bad tasting medicine you had to take for your illness and move on.

Letting everything affect you just ruins the rest of your day,who knows you may still get your due bonus,lunch today maybe your favourite dish,you may get an invite to the party you have been wai noting for or you may even win the lottery!!

So take every bullet and scar wound in your stride,you are the wounded lion who will sympathise with your co warriors,but you will also celebrate your win soon with joy,finger crossed that the blood results come out good! So today I will just flaunt my scars,as signs of fighting my battle of finding veins,and probably the next time ask a freshly woken ,well fed best friend to collect my blood.


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