Love makes the world go round.


Romantic comedies are all about that hook line and sinker feeling.They keep you on your toes as the two main protagonists of the story first hate each other,then bear with each other,probably have a major fight,and then finally realise they have fallen in love with the other person.If it was so easy to fall in love I mean,then why in real life doesnt everyone find love? 

I believe in the occurrence of soulmates,that people were born as one,but then the gods decided that humans were too much to bear with ,then punished them for eternity by splitting them into two,and hence lifelong you search for your other half to complete you,but then thinking again is it just one person,could you have been split into more?

Ask someone who has been in  “real love” as they say it,it’s these same couples who then grow apart in a matter of time,find differences and the once complete person now becomes a total stranger.Where did this true love go,when all,you kept was empty promises,and lies hiding your face in the dark.Probably the movies themselves have knowingly influenced our minds to the concept of love,they quickly find prince charming ,and push the couple to their happily ever after,that too in the span of a few hours of playtime.But what exactly happens after that is a tale to complicated to deal with.

Love hence cannot be defined as that incomplete feeling,or just happiness.Its also about trust,faith ,understanding and a sense of belonging.Love is afterall a two way street,you get as much as you give,more maybe but never less.Love can be no greater than your dog waiting at your doorstep for your arrival home,mom cooking your favourite food just because you’ve come home after months,your best friend meeting you after ages but enveloping you in the warmest of hugs,your sister feeding you chicken soup when you get unwell,why even a call from your long distance friend on the day you feel low.Now that’s called love!

For some it’s family,others find it in a partner,but the misconception of it being just between a man and woman is not all that there is.We have to understand that the greatest love one can have is to give love to people,be kind,be truthful and honest to your loved ones,talk about your day but do give a listening ear to theirs too.Its that trust that gives you friends,in short your homies for life,who through ups and downs are there for you,who clap with your trophies and wins and cry with your loss,and sometimes are just the warm hug you need when things go down.

I’ve found my kind of love in family,my best friends and my pets,and this is the love that I could walk though fire for over and over again,possibly finding out why my world goes round,and my days spinning waiting for more of this life to come my way.


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