Thicker than blood.

We grow up in this world being taught by our parents,teachers and even sometimes friends.One of the first few words we learn to speak would probably be mom or dad.These same words thrown in different languages all mean the same thing,a form of endearment,support and an easy term to start our speech with.We learn through infancy that when hurt or sad or hungry or just the fact that the nappy is troubling us,we shout the magic words ma/pa ,and we have that magical aide by our side,tolerating our moods,tantrums,and even helping us fall asleep.

But what about those little ones who don’t have that aide by their side? Those  abandoned,left to fend for  themselves,humans or animals these very people grow alone, stumbling and learning from their own mistakes.Ive heard stories of Mowgli whose best friend is a panther Bagheera and a bear called Balloo from the jungle book,Simba and Pumba from the Lion King,why even stories about friendships formed between natural enemies like the cat and dog,or an elephant and an ant.And I’ve always wondered how was it that these two seemingly opposite world’s collided to create a strong bond,or in other simpler words “family “.

It’s after all a human instinct to be curious around his/her surroundings,adapt to change whether thrown into a new place for a job,or just be abandoned on a lost road on your travels.School is quite the learning place to be,we see our peers,those popular and proud, like the lion in the jungle and everyone tries to imitate the lion.Growth comes from learning that a lion has flaws too,and everyone is special in their own amazing way.We make our friends and family by finding those similarities between us,finding the missing pieces in the other person and thereby form our everlasting bonds.

A single finger could probably balance a pencil on its pad,but it takes a whole hand to hold on to a couple more of them.Its these few persons we people tend to look out for,like-minded fellow souls who become our strength ,pride and co-conspirators without whom most tasks seem futile.Its more than just thoughts,when without thinking  we blurt out the same thing,or just happen to say “You too,I though it was just me!”But then do we find them in relatives or friends? That depends wholly on you!

Blood is thicker than water,hence monarchy ruled the earth for many years prior to us developing an understanding of how humans worked.We had to grow to learn that siblings,family ,cousins and so forth sharing the same genetic material as us are bound to be our source of strength.But alas in today’s day it isn’t so,an old father will still be abandoned by his son in an old age home,a daughter may not look after her own aged mother,a sister may not even be spoken to for years together,and so the tales keep coming.You will hear stories like this in every little corner of the world,and its saddening to see the same thick blood wear down.

Surprising enough bonds thicker,stronger than this same ‘thinned out blood’ ties,get build over time and space,between friends,neighbours and even colleagues.These are the people who stand by you in your achievements,cry with you in your pain,worry with you when plans don’t work out,and even just their presence in times of great need etch into your veins one of the strongest bonds we can form as people.Being brought up in a nuclear family myself I learnt about cousins much later during my teens,and always wondered how people made friends like family.

It’s only much later I learnt that making these bonds was a two way process,being blood related probably have you just a little push to start the process,but both sides had to mutually agree,join hands and be together for the times to come.Its only when your hard times strike you know who are your people,these are the ones who come ,pushing aside their problems, probably the same way you would too.Hence blood doesn’t dictate who stays in your life and who doesn’t ,it’s these other ties the invisible ones that help us find our missing pieces.These pieces of the jigsaw puzzle help us wander our lost ways,stick to the right path and help us realise that sometimes something’s are way thicker than blood.


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