Dealing with roadblocks.

Roads anywhere and traffic ,especially in a busy city,go hand in hand.In India too it’s rare to find a road on your daily commute that doesn’t have a traffic jam or an accident,buffalos or goats going skitter scatter on the road,or as I think they manifest as roadblocks.

Travellers all around the world will always give you a very sound advice,that it’s always the journey that matters,not the final destination.In one of my favourite films ‘Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani’,the protagonist gets similar advice from his to be love,that how much ever you want ,you cannot do everything at one go,you have to just be present,and enjoy whatever you are doing at the minute.Its these very roadblocks infact which push you to be grateful for the cooling in your air-conditioned car on a hot summers day,a moment to ponder away the days distractions,or even learn the lyrics of a new song on your favourite radio station.

We don’t tend to appreciate all the things around us,and we haven’t been doing so for ages.Hence someone up there pushes the roadblocks in our life to make time stop even if just for a split second,and us breathe.This could be an illness,loss of a dear one,an injury,a grave diagnosis or even a natural disaster.A tiny bump or scratch we may not wonder about,we tend to overlook it and continue.Only when something so major hits us do we realise the important things in life.

In another movie called ‘Leap Year’,the heroine fakes a fire alarm and watches patiently as the love of her life runs to grab things most important to him,his computer,mobile phone,fax machine,documents,yelling at her to collect some of his important stuff too.It was a moment which made me think,are these things ,really the important things?What if he had just grabbed her hand and ensured her safety first,well! Then she most likely wouldn’t have realised who her dream guy was by the end of the movie!.

If you read best sellers then you may have encountered two books called ‘me before you’ and ‘after you’,both by a new favourite author Jojo Moyes.The former was even made into a movie,one of those sappy romantic ones where you definitely drop a tear in the end.Its the titles which are thought provoking.Every change that happens in your life is exactly like that,it’s a moment ,a second which passes by,and hence you bring out two versions of yourself:

  • The before naive version
  • The after scarred version

You can’t change the past,neither can u cherish a just scarred present,but you can definitely take it as a life lesson.Everything in life encourages you to improve and be a better person,the interview that didn’t go well,the fight you had before you left home,even the traffic jam on your way back has an encrypted lesson within it.All you have to figure it is what’s important to you,and what would you save from the fire at your place.

I know being philosophical is easy,but it’s the point I’m trying to get through that matters.Dealing with life and all its up and downs is what it’s to be about.We only value what we have when we lose it,a favourite pen,friend or even a dear parent.The after version you come to be can deal with these changes only by just having patience and reflecting back on what went wrong and if there was another way you could have dealt with it.

If your answer was no,then I’m proud of you that was how it was to be,but if your answer is yes then how could you have changed the way you behaved then?Hopefully you don’t have to face a similar block again ,but if you do you definitely a smarter version of yourself.

Life is about thus stopping to smell the roses,admiring nature’s beauty,and seeing how the common rose grew despite being surrounded by the thorns.Even if you have run over to the seaside to watch the sunset and missed by a few seconds,how about marvelling the glow of the starry sky instead.The same rainy day may end up being your day to see the rainbow after all.


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