A letter to lost childhood.

I’ve always believed that friends made in childhood are supposed to last forever.My mom for example is still close to her school and college friends who have now grown up,with children of their own,thier warmth towards each other,the amount of conversation they can continue every time they meet and the infinite love for one another is still pretty enviable.

I hoped that my friends would be the same too,maybe gossiping over tea when old and looking great with glasses in a futuristic world.Alas, reality strikes and maybe with the times changing people over the years didn’t remain the same ,and all of my friends from school are definitely not friends anymore.So I thought I could write them a letter of sorts,to just say a few words so here goes.

Dear friend,

It’s been ages since we’ve met,years maybe a decade or more now.There was a time when we were inseparable,school ,recess,then after school on the phone,for anything commendable happening in life had to find its way to you.Going through photo albums I don’t have a single photo on birthday parties and house functions without you featuring in it,old slam books  covered in dust have letters of promises to always call and remember,with awkward smiley faces,cute hearts and somewhat weird memories.As we grew up something happened,maybe puberty did,maybe it was life, maturity or just some hormonal problem.But the same closeness I felt to you was long gone in a span of seconds.

It became weird conversations, whispered huddles with new people and distant glances wondering where we went wrong.Yes ,we did bump into each other down college corridors,or before getting into the bus,but beyond the formal “hi,how are you?” Our previously never ending chatter now became failed ideas to get talking.I write this letter year’s later to only reach out to you,to just say three words,thank you and sorry.

‘Thank you’ for being part of my memories,you were a part of my world when I just learned right from wrong,good from bad,when the innocent promises were still possible to trust and make.I learnt to savour school bus rides,the lunch box meets during recess and at that time it felt like nothing but spending time with you was worth its weight in gold.’Sorry’ for the drifting away,maybe if I had a chance to go back in time I could have sorted out what went wrong between us and corrected the mistakes that happened.But maybe things worked out for the better,we both found our forms of happiness,we found people more likely to match our thoughts.Now our old friendship is skeletonized to the random Facebook message on our birthdays,the awkward ‘Hi’ in person or just the random moment we remember each other in the passage of time.

I just want to say to you ,that I’m glad for the happiness ,laughs and tears we shared back then,and even though I haven’t spoken to you of late I don’t have any hard feelings for you,at the most I wish we could still meet over a cup of tea and discuss the new events of our respective lives.I do hope you can forgive any mistakes I made and we can both leave any unnecessary baggage behind us.I wish you all the goodness this life can give and promise this time with certainty that if you do need me ever I’m just a call or message away.

Your long lost friend.


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