Seeking inner beauty.

I recently found a post which said that some movies don’t have a deeper meaning to them,reading stories with fairies,giants,magic and happy endings  makes children believe in fantasy,and not form qualities like strength,courage etc.I however disagree.

Anything in life is seen through two point of views,that of an optimist or pessimist,drinking a glass half full or half empty,and believing more in fantasy or reality.Neither view is fully correct,or the right way to go,but for a child with an unbiased view of his/her own they should be allowed to make a fair,clear choice with a clear look into both lines of thinking.

I waver between both viewpoints often myself,but it’s with Disney movies that fantasy,hope and dreams were truely brought into light for me.I’ve grown up with these movies,as anyone going through my posts can probably tell.And I’m glad most of my childhood featured them ,afterall isn’t Disneyland supposed to be after all the happiest place on earth!

One of my favourite deeper meanings in life is definitely “not to judge a book by it’s cover”.And what better way to see it than with the movie Beauty and the Beast.Belle a girl very different girl from the rest of the womenfolk in her village is looked upon as weird,since she prefers books over village gossip,and more than the boring routine providential life when she earns to seek adventure in far off places.The beast is cursed when he mistakes an old lady as an ugly hag,to move her from the door of his castle to realise she was an enchantress in disguise.The story thus continues on first impressions,Belle belived to be a bit cuckoo due to her different thinking,the beast rude,arrogant,terrifying due to his monstrous looks.Yet both find love in one another when they look beyond that first page of the book,making friends,seeing bravery,a kind heart and of course much more beyond the cover.

The same applies to reading books,movies and people in the real world.We do tend to dismiss someone purely based on looks,lineage,the car they drive in short the vanities ,a movie purely on one bad review from a colleague,or a book in the library just because of a dusty worn out cover.

Someone who you may have considered proud on first glances,could have been a sweet kind person for real.Why even Elizabeth Bennet found an admirable companion in the proud Mr. Darcy!A movie watched out of pique and curiousity , ignoring bad reviews on a Sunday has been added a lot of times to the must watch on my movie list for eternity.

I’ve heard of some quite funny matrimonial matches being sent across various garden fences,in India where an arranged match is something of a form of afternoon entertainment for the uncles and aunts of the neighbourhood,this same principle is never looked upon when making a match.Vanity based items on supposed checklists like beauty,fairness,height,weight, earnings come into the picture.Im sure that any two people willing to join hands in matrimony don’t merely cease to be statues to be installed in homes.They wish to be human,and search for company,someone to talk to at the end of a tiring day,someone to share a homemade meal with and just talk till thier heart’s content.If we keep abiding by the find people by photos we might as well be betrothed to the picture ourselves.Finding inner beauty hence is of an infinite value to leading lives,and even more in finding friends and forming family.

This prejudice in life is something which has to be altered by oneself,it isn’t something read out of books,taught in a classroom or inherited gentically.It’s a change in ones perception of things almost like looking at life through Rosie glasses ala “la vie en rose”.We often don’t do that and miss out on things which may have been special to us for evermore.

So my life lesson learnt over the last few years is definitely not to make views or form opinions on first glances,or to not judge a book by it’s cover,give everything happening in your life at least one chance,after all Belle found her prince in the beast,Elizabeth found Darcy ,and maybe you could find a happy ending too.


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