When the machine deserves its rest.

We take a lot of things for granted,and it’s not just me alone,everyone does it.You just continue the run of the mill everyday and only pull for breaks when you really need to replace or update the hardware.This comes in form of lack of money in the bank,absent maid to clean your house,the machines in a working factory,a burst petrol tank in your lovely car or just today the importance of my voice when I ge acute laryngitis(in simple English my voice box just stubbornly claims it needs rest).

Laryngitis is akin to a common cold,everyone and anyone can get it,only when it’s severe and you lose your voice you actually know it’s value.It’s an important lesson I learnt today since I got to face two types of people today, half make fun of my disability..,that the once loud talking,screaming,singing person is now voiceless,can’t toot a hoot and the other small percent are the sympathetic ones who were understanding to try and dicipher my  I odd gestures in sign language,and typed out words on paper,and also gave me tried and tested home remedies to get better.I love the latter kind,rare gems around who still care,it’s small ways of thier love,kindness and understanding that were sweet to help my recent predicament.

It’s then when I realise how much a kind word means,to anyone going through any form of trouble.Most of the world ,humans to be precise,with technology at its peak would be ignorant and move on without a mere glance to any hapless person in their surroundings.Its these very one of a kind pleasant souls I’m grateful for in this world,and hope everyone can encounter at least one such person in thier troubled days.

Kindness is something taught in storybooks,and it’s frankly a difficult behavioral pattern to learn.It gets me thinking how often have I myself have paused to just without reason be kind to someone.Its a good deed,a fine one something I can definitely freely give,but I attribute not using it due to lack of time,or just some other silly reason.

So getting back to the way everyday works,is similar to a well oiled machine..

For a housewife and mom..Waking to cook food..Sending children off to school the daily chores..Picking children from school ..Getting thier tummies filled studies done,all repeated everyday.

For the businessman who wakes to his morning coffee..Rushes to work..Works until dusk and just manages to come home to sleep,and back to work the next and so on.

The student studies goes to school comes home studies some more,maybe plays a little finishes the day,sleeps…Back through the same thing all over.

The surgeon does a similar round of rounds ..Work….Dressings rounds…And it goes on.

It’s only when that one screw loosens in the clockwork that the whole well oiled assembly begins to creak,make noise and if continuously ignored,refuses to work until fixed.

So here I am just resting my vocal cords hoping they get to work soon,ive probably used and abused them too long ,and the broad hints thrown at me today definitely means they require their well deserved vacation.It hence come down to this maybe it’s time we take a vacation,before the breakdown,before the signs of wear and tear appear,just to rejuvenate and refresh our overworked minds and bodies,rather than wait until the notice of closed or shut down makes its presence sternly felt.

So next time take the break before the damage,the reflection before the illness and get the workings checked before the actual breakdown,before you regret the subsequent need for urgent damage control.


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