Immortal words.

There are two sides to every story,two ways to see a glass filled with water,and two ways to decipher any communication.You can’t say someone isn’t in pain when happy, neither can you confirm tears only mean sorrow,words not said are the ones most difficult to decipher.

I’ve often been asked why I sometimes mull over things quietly,and it’s actually very difficult to explain all your thought processes to someone.The pen is mightier than the sword and silence is golden are two sayings meaning absolutely opposite things.Its in this mingle with to say or not to say I recently realised the worth of art.Whether it be through poetry,prose ,graphic art or paintings,over centuries people have said so much without actually speaking.

Hence on my path to reevaluate words in my life,I scratched down a few lines of short verse poetry and two lined stories,I hope you can empathize with.They only were attempts to describe emotions so don’t take them personally.Love.

Short poetry

Sirens announce the sudden arrival
Huddled loved ones are left to grieve
Death embraces a newly departed

Cool winds bring awaited news
Parched Earth lingers for the first sign

Dark clouds bring profound joy.

Storks tapped on window panes
Bundles of joys,sans worry
Tortured screams from the labour room

Tell another side to the story.

Unseen walls caged her in

Waiting for knights in shining armour.

She missed the key to her prison,

Lying right there beside her.

A loud cry at the hospital signals two ends of a coin,

the triumphant one of a newborn warrior

and the defeated one of the departed soul.

Short stories

She gave up her life wishing someone had come to save her,miles away his heart felt the pains of loss.
She walked away,feeling sad he didn’t ask her to wait,he kept turning back hoping she did too.
She had hiccups for an hour at work,wondering why they troubled her so, miles away her mother wished she hadn’t let things go.


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