Air travel.

This was at one point of time something like a luxury,and it was quite a feat when you proclaimed to relatives and friends alike that you got to travel by a plane.Alas with increasing incomes,budget airlines,flying from one state to the next,or one country to the other,anyone can fly! This is amazing for loved ones finding each other,and even international brands and stores finding their way into the smallest of lanes in your nearby neighbourhood.But it makes the same rosy colors change horrendous, when the same quiet flight of long back now is a cacaphony of a fish market or maybe even a zoo.

The first time I independently flew a few years back,I thought wow! Air travel is so cool,you not only reach your destination the fastest,as compared to road or rail,but you also get the opportunity to fly among the clouds,almost like the birds,and for someone superscared of heights it’s quite an achievement to be so high of ground for the whole entrity of the travel.

It was only after several flights in recent times,and repeated travel that the same boons seemed less of an importance, due to the overgrowing nuisances on the flight.I know that even a good movie needs a hero and a villain to make it a good one,but just villains in a story!,I gaurantee that the movie wouldn’t do that well at the box office.

Coming to why the travel gets bad,here are a few specimen cases which include :

  1. The bewildered people who never seem to pack right.They block the lines at the check in counter,since they packed more,paying the surcharge or arguing with the ground staff to make an exception to just them this time.Or they block the luggage check queues by packing thier carry-ons with things which can only be labelled as nonsense on the warning labels nearby.
  2. The noisy dudes who decide that the flight is thier own backyard and irritate the flight attendants and co passengers as well.They nudge thier seat farthest down into the lap of the passenger behind,yank your hair when holding to the seat,prod on your toes,nudge into your elbows,and don’t allow you a wink of sleep in your aisle seat,since they have to rush thier way several times to the loo.I once had this woman on the seat next to mine who kept flipping her hair at my face when all I wanted was to have some peace and quiet on the flight at 2 am.
  3. The nuisances ,who I know don’t think deserve another description.They will play music on loudspeakers,even with the headphones sign on,they will hurl abuses at anyone in thier vicinity about cheap airlines,dingy food and foul smells mostly coming from where they sit,and basically intentionally make thier fowl presence felt.
  • It’s rare enough that you are glad with all this cacaphony that you find a copassenger who makes you wish you get at least one of them on your neighbouring seat,on your every flight.They understand you want to sleep,keep headphones on,wear thier eyemasks,quietly read their books,and may be even give you a reassuring smile when something is going wrong.

My heart though goes out to the crew on all the flights who work day in and out with most passengers ungrateful and unkind and sometimes even morons to abide to safety instructions.These men and women and silent soldiers who literally are responsible for all the lives and thier safety on the aircraft.

The next time you fly do try to be a good co passenger,someone who your cotravellers as well as the flight crew would love to have as company on the flight again,believe me even with no noise made,the one making the chaos is definitely given swear words and curses silently to last a lifetime.

  1. So here’s to safe and comfortable air travel,where hopefully like the old times it would be a privilege to be on,and not feel like a nightmare ascended from hell.

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