Finding comfort.

We all begin our lives in the wombs of our mothers through the gestational period,we remain warm,nourished,protected,comforted and secure in our very own incubator.Birth hence comes across as a rude shock,an awakening of sorts to the world as it is and Life.

Along the way through all that happens we still yearn for that feeling we were once accustomed to in our cucoons,,that feeling of security,and that feeling of safety which is home,or in plainer words comfort.

Comfort is defined in the dictionary to be of physical ease,something with which you don’t have any added feelings or emotions,it just is.Comfort thus begins with being embraced by mom’s warm hugs and ends as you sleep on your spot on your own bed and your old worn out pillow.Its something everyone should look out for,anything which just calms your heart and soothes all pain away.

One of the greatest comforts in life for the foodie in me has definitely been food,the smell of freshly baked bread,the sizzle of tadka on the pan,the rise of a cake in the oven,the aroma of a just done biryani,the crunch of a macaroon…I can go on.

To some it’s the solo strumming on a guitar,music at its best,concentrating on just the melody and nothing else.Others need people,actual warmth from another,they feel at home with hugs and company.To some more it remains with books,a version of escaping away from reality into fantasy or a window into another reality history or an autobiography of someone’s life.

Finding comfort should be added to everyone’s bucket list,your know how and go to place for your weakest moments,to gather strength and courage,sort of like your own charging point.

In my darkest days this same version of comfort has brought light and hope,something which felt lost to never be found again.Getting up after a failure or any sort of trauma is probably one of the easiest things to say can be done,but it’s the most tough to do.comfort is your backup cushion you can call into even with your fall,so you don’t hurt so much ,and it gives a you a while to feel secure again.

Find it,keep it,cherish it ,people or things, emotions or hugs,it’s the blank cheque you will be able to cash one day.


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