Travel must haves!

To say I planned for my trip is probably something of an understatement.My mom and sister will probably tell you another story,so will my friend Rina who came with me for the tour.

During the course of things I probably ended up packing and unpacking over a zillion times,not leaving out research from watching all the videos on YouTube and reading as many books on travel as possible.But..nothing gives you more of an experience than travel itself.
To be honest the planning and packing started the day I paid the amount to book my tour,and that was long back in December,so see..much of an understatement.But I can optimistically tell you that even with shopping my 8kg bag remained 8kg on return as well ,carrying exactly what I needed and using everything in my bag,nothing unpacked.

So here I only attempt to help fellow co-travellers to plan,maybe even pack better than I did.

Essentials of ten.

The very first thing you should know,is travel light..completely minimal maybe comfortable to some but believe me when I say I can’t function like that,you have to pack things you most definitely can function without,leave space for shopping when you plan to do that and remember:

Even if you forget something it’s alright,just remember to bring yourself ,cash, your phone and the passport and you can buy anything anywhere 😄.

So here is a short and sweet list of things which I most definitely couldn’t do without.

  1. Passport and a neck wallet-goes without saying,it’s the most essential travel document,and your identity on your trip,keep it on you and close to you at all times.
  2. Comfortable shoes-I chose Nike’s,you can carry sneakers,slippers anything you like,but comfortable to walk for hours,without getting blisters on your feet,and getting your feet dirty.You wouldn’t want to be the person missing out on something only because you got the wrong shoes.
  3. Wet wipes-these are multipurpose,pocket friendly, disinfectant,and even the airline allows you since they aren’t liquid.So you can wipe your hands,your feet and even clean the seat or polish your bag on the go,and a grab the biggest size!
  4. Poncho/pocket raincoat- you will be glad you thought of this with the sudden spurt of rain anywhere on your travels,it’s compact,keeps you dry and allows you to dance in the rain even with strong winds which may blow away your umbrella.
  5. Deodorant stick/solid deo- abides by the airlin restrictions,keeps you fresh all day and doesn’t spill which believe me you don’t want happening to your favourite product.
  6. Vitamin C tablets-this is the only reason I didn’t get a cold the entire trip despite changing seasons from 10 to – 3 to 38 degrees,once daily or twice kept the traveller in me going.
  7. Painkillers – what works for you,I needed them most after walking miles a few days for aching feet or a nagging headache on the plane.
  8. Zip lock bags- every travellers lucky ticket to pack souvenirs/store food/protect clothes/prevent spillage if something’s broken,I was glad I had a stash of these in my bag.
  9. A lightweight,compressible jacket – this protects you from the cold and can be packed back if it gets too hot.
  10. Comfortable clothes – these have to be clothes which you are okay to wear anywhere from a theme park to a museum,which again mix and match with one another providing you plenty of outfits for the week.

There is stuff like lipbalms,cold creams hairbrushes,quick dry towels,socks etc the list can go on..but these 10 were items I’m definitely not leaving for my next trip without,I hope the list helps someone pack for thier next adventure,I definitely learned a lot on mine.

So here’s wishing happy travels to anyone reading this,and hopefully I can assist you in yours.Toodles!


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