Thoughts on World Anaesthesia day

From hearing tales of early surgeries here smelling bad shoes,or getting knocked off with spirits or a hammer on the head,anaesthesia has progressed by leaps and bounds. You may just recognise us by our masked faces in the a coldly lit operation theatre,asking to smell something from a mask,and then wake up wondering fuzzled as …

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The ever-changing definition of friendship

Age brings wisdom were truer words never said,as you grow older ,and probably wiser,you realise what is important,and how to value it's worth.And one of the first things whose value you realise are those of your friends. School,college,weekend get togethers,important occasions they were very much a part of growing up.Alas,as we grow older their ever-changing …

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My first international trip-destination-Europe😃

One of my favourite memories with dad would be our over dinner discussions,we spoke on topics from music,movies,food and even travel.Those were the rare free spells with school and homework for me,a 9 to 5 job for him, gave us only a little time together.It was only after his retirement,and when I had my occasional …

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